The Truth & Reconciliation Project

The Truth & Reconciliation Project is a comprehensive seven-year initiative. This project is a heartfelt collaboration of artists, aiming to illuminate the ongoing impact of genocide on Indigenous communities in Canada.

A Seven-Year Initiative: Conceptualized by Ken Leighton, this initiative strives to use art as a means to educate all Canadians about indigenous genocide and the ongoing struggles of Indigenous peoples. Over seven years, it explores various facets of Indigenous experience and history in Canada, each year focusing on a different aspect to reflect the complex nature of these issues.

2022 Focus: Residential Schools: In 2022, the focus was on the tragic history of residential schools. The discovery of unmarked graves at former sites brought renewed attention to the enduring impact of these institutions on Indigenous communities. Through art, Leighton brought these injustices to the public’s consciousness, fostering understanding and reflection on this dark chapter in Canadian history.

2023 Shift: MMIW Crisis: The project shifts its focus in 2023 to the crisis of missing and murdered Indigenous women (MMIW). This theme not only addresses historical injustices, but also contemporary issues faced by Indigenous communities. The inclusion of eight local artists, representing both Indigenous and non-Indigenous perspectives, allows for a more comprehensive and diverse exploration through various artistic mediums.

Broader Impact and Legacy: The project aims to have a lasting impact, contributing to the national conversation on truth and reconciliation and fostering a deeper understanding of the injustices faced by Indigenous peoples.